Our Story

Brewster Flats

I launched Kinsale Designs in 2004 to provide customers with beautiful, high quality, hand crafted jewelry that could be collected and treasured forever.  I create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces using various artisan techniques and  materials.  

I am constantly learning and evolving to keep my designs fresh and current.  You will most often find pearls incorporated into my jewelry as I am drawn to their natural beauty and luster.  Being a collector of many things, I delight in the hunt for little vintage artifacts and elements that can enhance and elevate a piece.  

Our name, Kinsale Designs, is a nod to my grandmother.  She was a jewelry lover and a strong role model.  She was born in the beautiful southern coastal town of Kinsale Ireland.  At the age of 18 she left Ireland for the US and landed on another spectacular shoreline in Brewster, Massachusetts.  Cape Cod was the place she met my grandfather and together they built and christened our beloved "Kinsale" cottage.

My goal as a designer is to share my passion for creating exclusive, timeless jewelry. I will continue to work hard to bring you innovative and thoughtful creations.  My hope is that you will curate pieces from my collection, mix and match them and allow your self-expression to shine through!

 Jodie Cash